High Quality Incense

Aromatic and medicinal Incense
Gyan Incense has been prepared according to The Religious ritual Texts.
Its composition consists of Himalayan Ayurvedic herbal and special aromatic musk.

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Powder Incense

Amitabha Buddha
Tibetan Healing Powder Incense
Amitabha means “Infinite Light” also called
The Buddha Of Immeasurable Light and Life”.

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Best Quality Incense

Yog Incense has been Prepared according to the religious ritual Texts.
Its composition consists of Himalaya Ayurvedic herbal and special aromatic red sandalwood.

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Gift Pack Incense

Mandala Tibetan Incense
Five in one
This incense gift pack consists of five diffrend fragrance incense of twelve sticks each which are
Sandalwood, Jasmin, rose, Musk, and Red Sandalwood.

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Fragrant Incense

Snowlion is Zimpu ritual incense. Its special manner of preparation is one of the ancient traditional arts of the monastic order of Tibet.
It is composed of 55 ingredients of which saffron, Nagi and Sandalwood.

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Spiral incense

This incense consists of 48 different types of medicinal herbs and plants.
It gives purity and peace to the person.

6 Cone roll Incense

About Us

From ancient times incense has been as an inseparable part of Nepal for offering to the deities, in temples, monasteries and private houses enhance intellectual ability, for mental peace and to
balance physical imbalances in one’s body. Incense holds an invaluable role in Buddhist ceremonies and rites. Incense is thought to purify places rid people of evil so it has been an indispensable
part of Buddhist Services from ancient times. 


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